Modric criticizes Real Madrid fans regarding Gareth Bale

Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric has joined forces with regard to Gareth Bale’s situation at the Santiago Bernabeu in recent years. The winger received an unpleasant treatment, Modric criticized the supporters’ attitude.

Bale himself joined Real Madrid after being redeemed for 100 million from Tottenham Hotspur in the 2013 summer transfer market.

In his first season, Bale immediately became a mainstay of Los Blancos, even helping the club win several prestigious trophies, especially four European Champions League trophies.

It’s just that, in the last two seasons the situation has not been so good for Bale. His performance seemed to decline due to injury and eventually he was often pushed over by manager Zinedine Zidane.

No doubt, this situation made the winger start to harvest criticism from Real Madrid fans, even when he didn’t play even though Bale received ridicule.

In connection with this, midfielder Luka Modric, who has long been a teammate of Bale, both at Tottenham and at Real Madrid, feels quite sad about the treatment the Welshman has received.

According to him, Bale is a great player, contributing a lot to what the club has achieved so far. Some of the news that was heard in the media seemed to be cornering the player.

“I have played with Bale for a long time. He [Bale] is a spectacular player but also shy. The media has judged him a lot in the last few seasons.”

“But they all forgot what he gave. He never had a problem in the dressing room, because he spoke Spanish with us.” said Modric to Cope.

What is unfortunate for Modric is that the Real Madrid supporters caught up with the media reports and ended up booing Bale.

“People quickly forget what Bale has done at this club. Gareth does not socialize much, but he has no problems in the dressing room. I feel sorry because many people forget what he did.” he said.

Meanwhile, Bale himself eventually left Real Madrid to join his former club, Tottenham Hotspur on a season-long loan.

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