Milan prepares more than IDR 5 trillion for Pochettino

AC Milan are said to be playing games and are targeting Mauricio Pochettino‘s arrival to Italian Serie A next season. To be able to attract the attention of the coach, Milan even dare to promise a super large transfer fund to Pochettino in the transfer market next season.

All of this began when Milan were not satisfied with the performance of Gennaro Gattuso as the first team coach. Gattuso scored poorly, where he was considered to have given no development to Milan in the last two seasons.

Milan are currently struggling to occupy the top four of Serie A to qualify for the Champions League next season. If this hope fails, chances are that Gattuso will leave the San Siro. The figure of Pochettino is very appropriate to fill the vacancy in the Milan coach seat.

Serving as Tottenham coach, you could say Pochettino was quite successful even though he didn’t produce many titles. One advantage of Pochettino is being able to orbit new players with super high selling points.

So far, in the era of Pochettino training. Tottenham are considered able to compete on the European stage. Received the title as one of the best coaches in the world, Pochettino is considered very worth fighting on the Serie A stage.

Large funds were being prepared by Milan, they said they had an investigation to provide funds of 300 million pounds or around Rp.5.5 trillion for Pochettino’s transfer funds. Apart from the fresh funds, Pochettino’s own contract will expire in the upcoming 2023 season.

That certainty gave rise to the results that if Milan wanted to get Pochettino services, then they had to prepare large funds. Where Milan must dare to pour funds amounting to 40 million euros to be able to redeem Pochettino’s contract with Tottenham.

Milan’s chances of getting Pochettino’s signatus is consider small. Heard some news that Pochettino is just getting a new assignment in improving Tottenham’s name on the European stage with a new Spurs stadium with a capacity of 62,000 spectators.

Penulis: | 8 April 2019 | blog