Mikel Arteta’s condition is getting better

One Arsenal midfielder, Lucas Torreira revealed the current condition of his coach, Mikel Arteta who a few days ago was confirmed to have contracted the corona virus or covid-19.

As is known, Mikel Arteta as Arsenal coach was indeed the first football player in England who was contaminated by the Corona virus. This news was even confirmed directly by the Arsenal, with not long afterwards followed by Chelsea player, Callum Hudson-Odoi.

Of course, all parties are worried about the condition of the Spanish coach. Because the Corona Virus is indeed somewhat dangerous, where there have been thousands of victims died.

However, a good news was heard about the latest conditions from the former assistant Pep Guardiola in Manchester City. Arsenal midfielder Lucas Torreira revealed that the current condition of Arteta is gradually improving.

“Arteta is much better. He has communicated with us and his health is getting better. We are just surprised that the corona virus can reach the club, even to the locker room, “Torreira said as reported by Metro.

Furthermore, the Uruguayan player expressed the current conditions in the City of London following the corona Virus pandemic that continues to spread.

The player revealed that at this time people in the city of London looked panicked, the article they could no longer find hand sanitizers sold out in supermarkets. Moreover, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, asked everyone to remain at home.

Torreira actually plans to return to his country, Uruguay, but unfortunately there are no more flights allowed.

“The people here are panicking. In some supermarkets you can no longer find toilet paper or hand sanitizer with alcohol. This situation is also difficult for families. “I actually want to go home to Uruguay but there are no flights,” continued the Arsenal player.

Previously, the Premier League was still rolling but with a policy without the presence of the audience. But since the emergence of the Corona case that befell Mikel Arteta and Callum Hudson Odoi, they immediately held an emergency meeting, and finally the competition was suspended until early April 2020.

While Arsenal itself has also stopped all club activities for a while.

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