Messi’s dilemma about coronavirus pandemic which never ends

Living well and having abundant wealth does not necessarily make someone calm against the coronavirus pandemic. The proof, a Lionel Messi who gets a big salary is also frustrated with this situation.

Football has felt the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, even the Dutch Eredivisie and French Ligue 1 have officially stopped the 2019/20 season campaign earlier.

The dismissal was due to the massive spread of the virus, so the local government banned the soccer competition from continuing until next year.

But, two other top European leagues such as the Spanish La Liga and the Premier League still have hope, even later the discourse of rolling back the two competitions began to echo.

However, La Liga and the Premier League are still shaded by uncertainty about when the exact schedule will be rolled out again. Very different from the German Bundesliga which has begun to roll since two weeks ago.

It is true that the players have been allowed to use the club’s facilities again, holding more training sessions. However, they also must follow existing health protocols, such as maintaining distance between players.

Permission to train has been given, but when the league will continue again is still a question mark. Because of this, Messi looked upset by the situation.

“It is never easy living or working with so much uncertainty and especially in special situations like this. We all want to know when we can practice and play again,” Messi told Sport.

Messi believes that nobody predicts that such a situation will occur. Coronavirus, according to him really has a very big impact globally.

“I’m not sure anyone can expect this. There are people who talk about this pandemic, but no one can imagine what is happening or the extraordinary impact on the whole world, “said the winner of 6 Ballon d’Or titles.

It is undeniable, the condition of the world economy has been greatly affected since the coronavirus attacked. Many people lost their jobs and many workers had to be willing to pay their salaries.

Penulis: | 28 Mei 2020 | blog