Messi shows his noble heart by giving out free meals to the homeless

Barcelona‘s world-class soccer star, Lionel Messi, seemed to be able to divert the hot opinion that was befalling him in the past two weeks. This is inseparable from Messi’s controversial comments about the 2019 Copa America event.

Interestingly here, when the hot issue seemed to disappear from public attention after Messi showed the good side by giving out free meals to the homeless. Messi actually accused the South American football federation, CONMEBOL, of siding with Brazil in the 2019 Copa America.

On his occasion, Messi said that the whole event had been arranged so that the Selecao could win the championship. Not taking a long time, Messi’s comments gone viral and his figure became a public prey by asking for proof of what he had said.

“Obviously, there is no doubt that everything has been arranged for Brazil’s victory,” said Messi when Argentina against Chile in the race for third place on Sunday, July 7, 2019.

Messi’s accusations that are not fundamental then bring sanctions from CONMEBOL. Based on reliable sources, Messi was put to the end of the Argentina national team’s sanction for two years.

Behind the threat of horror, Messi tries to signal that he has a positive side that deserves attention. Where Messi shows an attitude of sharing and caring among others. It is known that his restaurant located in Rosario, Argentina, provides free food to homeless people.

Messi’s restaurant offers free food and drinks to everyone who is struggling to face the hardships of life on the streets. It’s glorious when this moment is opened from seven to nine at night local time.

VIPs are freely open to the public and their importance is without limitation. It was seen they also invited local residents to participate by inviting people who needed food to the family restaurant.

“If you know someone who is in a street room, invite him to visit a VIP. From seven to nine in the evening we offer rich, plentiful and warm dishes so that we can sleep soundly and happily, “the VIP statement said.

Ariel Almada as the PIC of the VIP restaurant added that this event will last for the next 15 days. Messi himself claimed to have returned to Rosario along with his colleagues in the Argentine national team, Angel Di Maria, Giovani Lo Celso, and Franco Armani.

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