Messi praises for Ronaldo’s success in Italy

Mega star of Argentina, Lionel Messi did not hesitate to cast flattery to his personal rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, questioning the sharpness of the Portuguese players in Italian Serie A with Juventus. In fact, Messi dubbed Ronaldo as a predator.

Cristiano Ronaldo actually joined Juventus since the summer of 2018, so this is the second season for the 35-year-old figure. Had stalled at the beginning of the season, but lately Ronaldo’s performance seemed so good.

So far, the Portuguese mega star has scored 20 goals in Serie A from 20 matches. He was only one goal adrift of last season’s record. That is, the former Real Madrid star stayed just a little beyond his goal record in the debut season.

What is special, Ronaldo has always scored in his last 10 Serie A matches in a row. The Portuguese player proves that he hasn’t finished even though he’s not young anymore. He also became the only closest competitor to Immobile who led the list of top scorer with 26 goals.

Talking about Ronaldo’s flashy performance, Messi said he was not surprised. He is very confident that his former rival at El Clasico can continue to look sharp in Italy.

“It’s normal that Ronaldo continues to score goals, he is a predator striker. Ronaldo is so happy to score goals, every day he plays then he will score goals. Ronaldo has many good abilities as an attacker, “Lionel Messi was quoted as saying by Mundo Deportivo.

Meanwhile, Messi himself scored fewer goals than Ronaldo. A total of 14 goals were recorded La Pulga from 19 appearances in the Spanish La Liga event.
Now the age of Argentinian stars will soon be 33 years old. Is his retirement close? This is Messi’s answer.

“I don’t know how many years it will take, but I feel very good, better than last year. Even though I didn’t score, at the physical level and my legs I felt very good, “Messi said.

“Is it possible for him to continue playing until he is 40 years old?”

“We will see it, we will see it,” he concluded.

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