Messi follows Man City Instagram account, he will leave Barca?

Lionel Messi began to make the public suspicious of his activities on Social Media. Not long ago, the Argentine Mega Star was caught following the official Instagram account of the Premier League giant, Manchester City.

This seems even more convincing to the news that was heard before, which claims that Messi has sent a transfer request to Barcelona this summer.

It should be noted, La Pulga does have special rights in his contract that allow him to leave at the age of 32, even though his contract at Camp Nou is still valid.

In fact, if the special clause is activated, Messi can leave for free or free transfer this summer.

It is clear that this news makes football fans around the world excited. Talks about Messi’s next destination club after leaving Camp Nou were immediately scattered on various social media.

Given that the pay is very high, the public suspects that Messi will only join a club that has sufficient financial strength. It is believed, Manchester City is one of them.

The Premier League giants do have abundant financial strength. This is evident from the fact that Manchester City have been able to bring in players with high nominal values ​​in recent years.

Naturally, in the end, Messi, who has collected six Ballon d’Or so far, has also been linked with Citizen.

The speculation of Messi’s move to Manchester City was even stronger after Messi was found to be following the Premier League runner-up’s Instagram social media account.

The presence of Pep Guardiola in the seat of coach of Manchester City could also be the reason for this transfer. As is well known, Messi and Pep had worked together at Barcelona and brought great success to the Catalan club.

From the period 2008 to 2012, Messi and Pep managed to present a total of 14 trophies, two of which were obtained from the prestigious European event, the Champions League.

Now, if the two figures meet again and work together at Manchester City, it is not impossible that the Premier League giants will dominate Europe like Barcelona did.

But so far Messi has never spoken about his future, which has recently become a topic of conversation.

Penulis: | 26 Agustus 2020 | blog