Messi and Barcelona were fined for paying tribute to Maradona

Lionel Messi did a tribute to the football legend, Diego Maradona, who had just passed away. Unfortunately, this tribute is not in accordance with the rules that apply in La Liga.

As is known, the death of Diego Maradona has indeed left deep sorrow for the world of football as a whole. Many figures later mourned the death of the Argentine legend, including Lionel Messi.

Not just words, the player who was also nicknamed the incarnation of Maradona, even made a tribute to the deceased.

After scoring a goal in the match against Osasuna last weekend, Messi celebrated off his jersey and showed the Newell’s Old Boys jersey with the number 10 jersey as a tribute to the legend.

Maradona had indeed defended Newell’s Old Boys when he was just starting his career, before moving on to Boca Juniors.

Indeed, no one is concerned about this tribute, especially since Messi has received a yellow card from the referee. However, the celebration was not in accordance with the existing rules.

As a result, the Spanish football federation recently imposed a fine of 780 euros (Rp13 million).

Messi only bore a fine of 600 thousand euros, while the rest was given to Barcelona. The club itself has defended by saying that the star only wants to give tribute to Maradona.

Upon this explanation, the Spanish Football Federation accepted it well, but they still gave fines to both parties in accordance with the existing rules.

As for the tribute in the form of the celebration, Lionel Messi also had time to give tribute to the legend through a post on Instagram Social Media.

In this post, Messi uploaded a photo of the legend while posing with him, and wrote a quite touching caption.

“A very sad day for all of Argentina and football. He left us but never left, because Diego is eternal, ”

“I have had many happy moments with him and would like to take the opportunity to send my condolences to his family and colleagues. My condolences,” Messi wrote.

Barcelona itself is currently preparing to face Cadiz in the La Liga continuation tomorrow.

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