Meregalli disappointed Lorenzo canceled his return as wildcard rider

Monster Energy Yamaha Director, Massimo Meregalli admitted to the fact that Jorge Lorenzo as the Yamaha test rider this season canceled his return to the racing circuit as a wildcard rider.

Jorge Lorenzo did accept Yamaha’s offer to become a Japanese manufacturer’s Test Rider since January 2020. Not long ago, the 33-year-old figure also agreed when offered the opportunity to become a Test Rider in the Catalunya Edition this season.

But, as we know the Catalunya series is certain to retreat due to the Corona pandemic. Had a plan to move the schedule where Lorenzo went down to the circuit again. But there is no bright spot, and finally his chance to go down as a wildcard rider is certain to be canceled.

MotoGP Committee, GPC decided to remove the wildcard riders who fell at the GP this season. This is related to their policy to reduce the number of paddock who were present during the race following the coronavirus pandemic.

Meregalli considered that Jorge Lorenzo was still showing a slick performance despite hanging a helmet since the end of 2019.

“From the start, he rode naturally on our motorbike, was really flexible, very different from the last races. I am sure, if there is no rain in the last half hour on the third day of the trial, he will stick to the fastest riders,”

“I’m very sorry, I can’t give him a wildcard facility. He was scheduled to go down in Barcelona, ​​where there should be a new device ready for him to try. We thought about another wildcard in Misano or Motegi, but it turned out to be impossible, “he said.

Therefore, he was disappointed because the Spanish rider certainly could not go down as a Wildcard rider in this season’s campaign.

“Jorge has two years of experience at Ducati and one year at Honda, and he can certainly help us. He is also a very sensitive rider, so it’s really unfortunate that we can’t use his experience well,” said Meregalli.

Similar to Meregalli, Jorge Lorenzo was also disappointed with the fact that he could not go down as a wildcard rider this season. However, he hoped that he could still be a Yamaha Rider test next season.

Penulis: | 19 Mei 2020 | blog