Memories of Virgoun: Been guided by Sheikh Ali Jaber for Shahada

The late Sheikh Ali Jaber actually had a special place in the life of a Virgoun, how could he not? It was the Ulama ‘who led him to read the Shahada and become a Muslim some time ago.

The former Last Child member also expressed this in a conversation with Onadio. At that time Virgoun told himself to convert to Islam because he lost the “bet”.

Virgoun told him that at first he was asked to convert by INara Idola Rusli, his wife’s brother after being challenged to discuss their respective beliefs. However, before changing religions, Virgoun was invited to learn about Islam.

In addition to discussions, Inara Idola Rusli also invited Virgoun to meet religious figures.

“I accept (to be invited to study Islam), I empty my heart, I study. I am invited to go on a study tour with his teachers. He’s really great people,” he said again.

Well, one of the figures introduced to Virgoun is Alm. Sheikh Ali Jaber. Well, after studying Islam for about six months, Virgoun acknowledged his defeat and was willing to convert to Islam.

At that time, his brother-in-law gave Virgoun the choice of who would demand that he read the creed.

“I said okay I lost, I moved. Then he just said, you just have to choose from the people I took you around yesterday, which one you want to be a witness to read the creed,” Virgoun recalled.

Of the many religious figures, Virgoun asked Sheikh Ali Jaber to guide him directly.

“Finally, I chose Shahadaah with Sheikh Ali Jaber,” said Virgoun.

Now, he has passed away, precisely on Thursday morning, January 14, 2021. Through his personal Instagram account, Virgoun then expressed his condolences and thanked Sheikh Ali Jaber some time ago.

“Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un .. Goodbye teacher Syech Muhammad Ali Jaber ..”

“Thank you for guiding me to shahada .. inshaAllah in every prostration I have a point of charity for you. See you in the other side,” wrote Virgoun.

Sheikh Ali Jaber is known to have died at the age of 44.

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