Melaney Ricardo has spoken with Gisel about the hoax video

Gading Martin’s ex-wife, Gisella Anastasia, is currently being confronted with the hoax video case that looks like her. Melaney Ricardo, as Gisel’s friend, admitted that she had talked about this with those concerned.

As is known, over the past few weeks Netizens have indeed been busy discussing the issue of hoax video, which is considered by one of the actress in the video to be similar to Gisel.

Of course Gisel denied the accusation that she was a woman in the video. However, the police still summoned Gempi’s mother to be a witness.

Melaney Ricardo herself is known as one of Gisel’s close friends, and so far she has spoken a lot with Gading Martin’s ex-wife about the case that is happening to her.

Melaney thought that Gisel was faced with a test from God, she was happy how the 30-year-old woman faced this problem.

“I was so happy from the start that she might still be sad who wouldn’t. But I see her calmer and more surrender to God,” said Melaney Ricardo.

Unfortunately, Melaney was reluctant to reveal the contents of her conversation with Gisel regarding the video case.

“Yes, but there are things that are private but cannot be shared. But at least I am happy that she can face whatever she believes. Basically whatever is faced by God accompanies her,” she said.

What is clear, Tyson James’s wife admitted that she could not get involved more deeply in the case. She can only provide support to her best friend, Gisel.

“In the case, we will give it to the authorities. As friends, of course they will support anything, spiritual food, prayer anything. Always surrender to God and believe that God always accompanies,” she explained.

In fact, Melaney herself was reluctant to comment on the sex video, about her opinion of the woman in the video.

“Oh, if the rich are like that, I don’t understand. If that is handled, those who understand. If I place myself as my closest friend, who supports those concerned,” she concluded.

Penulis: | 20 November 2020 | blog