Maudy Ayunda admits there are few guys tried to approach her

Seeing her career and also education, of course the men will think twice about approaching a Maudy Ayunda. However, the 25-year-old woman did not feel that way. In fact, during college in England, there were some men who tried to approach her.

As is known, since officially parting with Arsyah Rasyid, Maudy Ayunda has never been seen appearing in public with a male partner. No wonder if Netizens assume that the singer of the song ‘Perahu Kertas’ is indeed still single.

Indeed, she is now in England, pursuing his education at the renowned university of Stanford University. Of course, Maudy will really focus on undergoing her higher education and setting aside romance.

But she did not necessarily ignore some of the men who tried to do PDKT. This was revealed by Maudy in a live chat with Mira Lesmana on Instagram.

When I was at Oxford University, Maudy did not feel that there was a man who was attracted to her, remembering that at the time her appearance looked dull.

“Oh … If I were in Oxford, I don’t know why, I feel like when I was in Oxford, not too many people had a crush on British people. I honestly don’t feel too much assessed,” Maudy Ayunda answered with a laugh.

But the story is different when she was studying at Stanford University, where at that time there were several men who tried to approach her.

“Not bad here. Maybe when I was at Oxford I was still tight, dull, not very attractive either. If it’s already more mature here and others. There is a crush so,” Maudy Ayunda blushed.

Previously, Maudy Ayunda was known to be in a relationship with Arsyah Rasyid exactly five years ago. But this year she suddenly claims she’s single after officially parting with Arsyah.

“Here I have to clarify hehehe. I want to clarify recently I’m single. I really have LDR experience. I think LDR has a sweetness too, it forces two people to always chat, connect, “she continued.

Recently, Maudy had made a scene of Netizens because it seemed to be arguing with a man in live Instagram.

Penulis: | 6 Juli 2020 | blog