Massimiliano Allegri officially left Juventus

The Italian public, especially Turin, were surprised by Juventus’ decision to officially split from Massimiliano Allegri at the end of the 2018-2019 season. In other words, Juventus will launch a new coach next season.

The public was surprised to find out the official statement of Juventus, through its website account which was released on Friday, 17 May 2019. The mystery here is why Juventus did not explain that both sides have decided to split, when they were pursuing a big target.

“Massimiliano Allegri will no longer be on the Juventus bench for the 2019/2020 season. The coach and club president, Andrea Agnelli will meet with the media together at a press conference tomorrow, Saturday 18 May at 14.00 in the press conference room of the Allianz Stadium,” wrote Juventus in their official account.

Allegri came with new enthusiasm to Juventus in the 2015 season ago. Came as the successor to Antonio Conte, who chose to leave Turin at that time. His figure was able to prove his quality as one of the best Italian coaches successfully delivering Juventus to the championship ladder.

In total to date, Allegri has collected four Scudetto titles and three Coppa Italia titles with the Old Lady. On the European stage, Allegri successfully delivered Juventus twice to the Champions League Final, but unfortunately, none of the two matches were in the Juventus cabinet.

Investigating, Allegri’s departure will not be in vain as there are clubs waiting for him. Allegri is said to be moving to Paris Saint Germain. At the French Ligue 1 rich club, he will serve as a tactician for Les Parisien replacing Thomas Tuchel.

Allegri’s interest in Paris Saint Germain was claimed for giving a big project next season, and one of his biggest projects was to bring the club to the European stage, including next season’s Champions League champions.

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