Martial’s dribble skill on par with Lionel Messi

The young French striker, Anthony Martial, became one of the Manchester United players who shined in recent weeks, with the former AS Monaco often scoring vital goals for the Red Devils. Lot of praises was intended for Martial, including from the club’s second goalkeeper, Sergi Romero, who considered the French player to have the ability to dribble on par with Barcelona’s mega star, Lionel Messi.

Anthony Martial, 22 years old, was actually left out of Manchester United’s main squad since Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s arrival in 2016, then followed by the presence of Romelu Lukaku. The minimal opportunity for the player got for appearing in the main squad for Manchester United had given rise to speculation of his departure in the summer transfer window. But, Martial finally stayed at Old Trafford.

He even recently became the mainstay of manager Jose Mourinho in a number of matches, and scored vital goals several times, including in matches against Everton and Bournemouth yesterday. Regarding the brilliance of Martial who had returned, Sergi Romero also offered flattery.

According to him, Martial is a player who has the ability to dribble on par with Argentine star, Lionel Messi.

“Anthony really became one of the best players I’ve ever seen. I think the only player who can run with a sticky ball on his feet is Lionel Messi. The resemblance is when Anthony runs at his highest speed, he can still, so skillfully, control the ball. Only in a split second.”

“That is the same quality as Leo. He will run with a ball, with extraordinary dribel, but then can suddenly stop and slow down speed, to run in the other direction. Anthony can do that easily and in fact he has done it many times. He dribbled the ball in one direction, stopped suddenly, then, switched to the other,” said Romero on United’s official website.

With such a flashy performance, chances are, Anthony Martial will be back to be the mainstay of Jose Mourinho in the 4th week of the European Champion League group stage match against Juventus in midweek in Turin.

Penulis: | 3 November 2018 | blog