Martial stormed by infidelity gossip

The drama of the last 16 of the Champions League leg 1 really attracted the attention of many people because it always presents high tension both before competing and when competing. One thing that makes people surprised is when the match hasn’t started yet, where it involves Manchester United’s young striker, Anthony Martial.

This hot gossip storm attacked Martial for allegedly having an affair. Based on reports from various British media, Martial had had sex with a sexy model named Malika Semichi in June 2018.

When referring to the case, it was noted that when the new Martial lover, Melanie Da Cruz was pregnant. The more confusing a lot of people is when the relationship happened, Martial and Semichi had sex at a budget hotel in Paris France which was known to be a 2-star class.

As a world class player, Martial lowers professionalism. Where the two-star hotel has a tariff of only 70 pounds sterling or a handful of Rp 1.2 million. According to Malika’s confession, he met Martial at a nightclub.

Within a week, Martial contacted himself to do a one-night date at a budget hotel in Paris. The accusation did not make Martial lose focus, although in the match against Paris Saint Germain he had to leave the field faster because of an injury.

Increasingly making Martial cornered is the result of the match ended with a Paris Saint Germain 2-0 victory. This defeat further reduces the chances of the Red Devils to step into the next round, because they will travel to PSG headquarters in March.

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