Mark Marquez: “Joan Mir can be the winner on 2021 season!”

His condition has not recovered yet meanwhile the 2021 season is coming soon, Marc Marquez is starting to be pessimistic to winning the world championship. He thinks that Joan Mir has a greater chance to winning this season.
Marc Marquez suffered a fracture of humerus and it makes him absent troughout 2020 season last year. It’s took three different surgery stages, this made the Repsol Honda Rider still have to undergo a recovery period until now.
Until the end of Febuary 2021, which means that the first series of the 2021 season will be roller out soon. Marc Marquez’s condition is not fully fit yet. He is not even allowed to strenuous sports.
For this reason, Alex Marques sibling seems pessipistic about the opportunity to win the MotoGp season in 2021. He also thinks that Joan would be the winner again.
“About rivals, now I have another things to think about. My arm injury is an ‘enemy’ that I have to beat for now. But about the world championship, I think Joan can be the world champions again and he really need to defend his title” Marquez said.
The competition still will be soming soon on this season, but Marc Marquez can’t see the strength of each rider.
“If you are a world champion, then it means you are the fastest and most ‘complete’ racer in the season. However, regarding the candidates for the champions this year, ofcourse there are Yamaha, Ducati and KTM riders. That’s all,” he said.
In the fact, in the 2020 season last year, even though Joan Mir finally managed to become a champion, according to Marc Marquez, the competition was very open, where no rider appeared dominant on the track,”
“Last year is a very opern competitiothat really stood n, no one racer had a performance that really stood out compared to others. However, Joan is a world champion, so I think he will be the favorite again this year,” he said.

Penulis: | 25 Februari 2021 | blog