Marcus Rashford urged to score 20 goals this season!

Marcus Rashford as a young striker who was in a big English Premier League club, Manchester United turned out to have a super big challenge. It was revealed in this season that the player is required to be able to score more than 20 goals.

This demand is justified by the legend of the Red Devils, Andy Cole, who considers that the conditions are a pathway to status as the main striker of Manchester United. When referring to the current situation, it is still safe for Rashford, because it is still a mainstay of the front line of his team.

Has the status of a forward, but at the moment, Rashford is functioning temporarily as a winger. The status was once lived by him when Jose Mourinho’s coaching era. Regardless of that status, Rashford also just wants to be called a center attacker.

Now the situation has changed a little, with the arrival of a new coach in the form of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, then Rashford plays as a center forward. Recorded this season, Rashford has played six times as a center forward and the rest at left-wing posts.

This then invited Cole’s attention, added by him that there was great hope on Rashford’s shoulders which required determining which position was best for him.

“Here it looks if he doesn’t really enjoy playing with his back towards the goal and he wants to take the ball and run towards the defender. He is an extraordinary talent, but he must decide now what he wants. Does he want to be a goal scorer or he wants to play from the left or right?” said Cole.

Continued by Cole, if Rashford wants to play as a center forward, then he must immediately improve his sharpness, because achieving 14 goals in a season is not appropriate for a forward.

“He is 21 years old so I want to believe he knows what his strongest position is. But when you want to play as a center forward for Manchester United, you have to try to get yourself at least 20 goals,”

“Right now the best is 13 goals, if you can be more than that, then you are the main striker, you have to make yourself score more goals,” concluded Cole.

Until now, Rashford’s playing record is 179 times for Manchester United with a contribution of 48 goals and 28 assists.

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