Marcuas Rashfors Believes That MU Still Can Catch Man City

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford expressed his belief of Red Devils’ opportunity in the race for the Premier League champion title this season. The young English player believes his team can still catch up with Manchester City.

Manchester United, who looked dubious at the start of this season, has risen and can compete with city rivals, Manchester City at the top of the standings. This competition has even been going on since last January

But, for now Pep Guardiola’s troops still look far away from the superior. Manchester City are 10 points ahead of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s squad, which gap will be difficult to catch up considering Citizen’s consistency since the turn of last year.

However, Marcus Rashford is not afraid at all and has no doubts about Manchester Untied’s chances of catching the existing gap. It’s just that the team will not be affected by seeing the results of Manchester City and are fully focused on their own performance.

“For now we just need to focus and concentrate on our performance,” said Solskjaer to MUTV.

Since the start of this season, Manchester United have indeed shown a better performance than in previous seasons. But Rashford reiterated that the team has not reached its limits and is still developing.

“Throughout this season, we have often said that we are a team that is still in a development stage. We continue to learn every day.” He said.

Still, it won’t be easy to catch up to 10 points away from a very consistent team like Manchester City. Even so, Rashford still believes that there is an opportunity to coup his rivals from the throne of the standings.

However, the best thing to do now is to concentrate on performance alone regardless of the results achieved by Manchester City.

“We have to concentrate on ourselves and give our best. That’s what will make us win the game.” he said.

As for the continuation of the Premier League at the weekend, Manchester United will be immediately challenge against a tough opponent, Chelsea.

Penulis: | 24 Februari 2021 | blog