Marc Marquez’s recovery process is taking longer than expected

Alberto Puig, the manager of the Repsol Honda Team, said that the recovery process for the humerus fracture suffered by Marc Marquez in the 2020 season was indeed much longer than everyone predicted.

As is known, the racer from Spain was indeed unlucky. He had a terrible accident during the Spanish MotoGP at Jerez on July 19, which caused a fracture of his right humerus.

Two days after climbing onto the operating table, where there was a plate on his arm, the world champion tried to get back down at the Andalusian Grand Prix. Unfortunately, the condition of his arm after that got worse.

His condition was even worse ahead of the Czech GP, where the plate on his arm broke after he tried to open a window in his house.

Since then, the 27-year-old Rider’s condition has gotten more and more complicated, he was rumored to be going down several times, but in the end it didn’t come down at all until the last series at Portimao.

Yes, the injury recovery process takes a very long time, with the hope that the 2021 season Marc Marquez can return to paving.

“I can’t say something I don’t know, because first, I’m not a doctor, and second, I don’t have a crystal ball,”

“But what we have explained is the program that we have decided with the doctors. We hope all is well, “said Puig in Portimao, Portugal, last weekend.

Puig cannot deny that Marc Marquez’s recovery process is far from being expected. Initially he was predicted to recover in time, but in the end he had to miss the whole season.

“It’s clear that this is indeed a slower process than we thought, and certainly slower than we wanted. But the situation is like this.”

“Not all situations can go your way and not all injuries can heal on time as you wish,” said Puig.

Marc Marquez’s absence at the 2020 MotoGP event seemed to have a positive impact on other riders. The competition became more open which Joan Mir won in the end.


Penulis: | 30 November 2020 | blog