Marc Marquez’s racing style is difficult to imitate and understand

The secret behind Marc Marquez’s success to become world champion eight times is of course his aggressive racing style and the support of a capable Honda mount. However, Takaaki Nakagami considered that Marc Marquez’s racing style was difficult to imitate and explain.

In the 2020 season, the Repsol Honda Team Rider only appeared in the first series, after which he was absent until the competition ended due to a fracture of the humerus.

Not surprisingly, throughout the 2020 season, Honda Racing Club engineers spent more time at the Takaaki Nakagami Garage, considering that he automatically became HRC’s main rider.

There is indeed Cal Crutchlow, but he often gets injured, while Alex Marquez himself is still a debut rider in MotoGP.

Actually, Takaaki Nakagami’s performance last season was not that disappointing, even though in the end he failed to reach a single podium.

Apart from his disappointment with this fact, this 28-year-old racer said he was happy to have the opportunity to learn about Marc Marquez’s racing style and data.

Although he managed to learn some important points about this, Takaaki Nakagami felt that Marc Marquez used his instincts more when he was racing.

“The main thing I learned from Marc is how to brake. From there, I found a better way to control the bike in aggressive braking points, and lift the bike when it has to change direction. It is clear that the best in this area is still Marc,”

“Marc does everything with high speed and accuracy. I can also steal some secrets from his data, and it’s not just about controlling the acceleration. However, I believe there is a lot of ‘instinct’ involved in Marc’s racing style,” said Nakagami.

For this reason, according to the Japanese Rider, Marc Marquez’s racing style is difficult to explain and imitate.

“I think what sets all of this apart is the way Marc uses his body when riding. This makes his racing style difficult to execute, or explain, because he combines throttling with his body movement on the bike,” said Nakagami.



Penulis: | 10 Februari 2021 | blog