Marc Marquez still open the possibility of joining other manufacturers

Spanish rider Marc Marquez has indeed agreed on a long-term contract with the Repsol Honda Team. But this fact does not necessarily make it tied to the Japanese manufacturer to hang the helmet later.

The Repsol Honda team did make a big surprise in mid-February. They successfully reached an agreement with Marc Marquez for a new four-year contract. Throughout its history, no rider has received a contract for more than 3 years.

Marc Marquez as an eight-time world champion was also shocked by the long-term contract he got from the Single Wing Manufacturer. However, he considered it a sign that Honda really believed in its capabilities.

“This is a Honda idea. Honestly, I don’t even think about it myself. When we discussed, we saw Honda as a champion project. There is no team that achieves more than Honda and they believe in me. It turns out that the contract has a duration of four years, this is the first in history, “said Marquez.

Marc Marquez is currently 27 years old, meaning he will be 31 years old when his contract expires with Honda. At that age, Marquez felt he still had a long career, so he did not rule out the possibility of joining other manufacturers.

“I’m 27 years old, have a new four-season contract. You will never know. I hear people who say I have to win with other motorbikes too, but this decision is based on my heart, “said Alex Marquez’s brother.

The Spaniard was not necessarily disappointed because he had agreed to a long-term contract with Honda. The reason, according to him, the Japanese manufacturer has contributed much in his career as a racer.

Honda is a team that trusts him, provides an opportunity for promotion to MotoGP.

“It was Honda that gave me the opportunity to ride from Moto2 to MotoGP and win. I was also contacted by Ducati, who asked for information. But from a sports standpoint, Honda is the best project. Right now I reject them, but in the future, who knows?” he concluded.

Back to the matter of MotoGP, a rollout of this season campaign is currently being planned with discourse without the presence of the audience.

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