Marc Marquez has to undergo the second surgery because of “opening a window”

Marc Marquez is confirmed to be on the operating room again after being declared fit before. The operation was carried out, because the plate on the rider’s arm was broken.

As previously known, the eight-time world champion suffered a fracture in his right humerus during his first series action on July 19.

Two days later, Marquez then underwent a surgery in Barcelona and the process went smoothly. In the operation room, the doctor implanted a titanium plate and 12 screws.

This Repsol Honda Team rider had actually been declared to be recovered and fit and was even ready to pave again in the second series at Jerez. But ahead of the race, he gave up his mind.

Not long after, the Repsol Honda Team confirmed that Marc Marquez needed to get on the operating table again because the plate on his arm was broken.

Now, the latest statement from Alberto Puig as Honda Manager, explains that the broken plate occurred when Marc was about to open a window in his house.

“On Monday, Marc again experienced intervention in his humerus which was broken in the accident in Jerez.”

“This time it was a domestic accident at home, it was the moment when he opened the window that caused the problem, then a fracture was found on the plate, maybe the stress in this area was causing it,” Puig said.

Furthermore, Puig explained that the doctor actually did not expect the plate to break.

“The team doctors themselves did not think this plate would break, and Marc decided to try racing at Jerez and Honda provided the bike. If he knew this, he would not have tried and Honda would not provide a motorbike for him,” continued Puig.

But he was grateful that the plate fracture occurred inside the house, not on the circuit which could have had a worse effect than this.

Domestic accidents at home are often experienced by MotoGP riders. For example VAlentino Rossi who was injured after renovating his house. What is even more unique is that Car Cruchtlow is injured just because he cuts cheese.

As a result of this incident, it is likely that Marc Marquez will not be able to appear in the third series in the Czech Republic this weekend.

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