Marc Marquez determines to get on track before this season ends

Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) has announced that their flagship rider, Marc Marquez, will only be able to fully recover in the next 2-3 months. Even so, the Spanish Rider is determined to get on the track before this season actually ends.

As is known, the 27-year-old racer is indeed undergoing a recovery process related to a fracture of the humeral bone due to a fatal accident in the first series of MotoGP this season.

After the incident, the eight-time World Champion was operated on in Barcelona, ​​the goal was to implant one titanium plate and 12 screws.

Unfortunately, the plate on his arm broke when Marc Marquez was about to open a window in his house. As a result, the rider canceled his return early and it is predicted that he will only be able to get on the track on 11 September at Misano.

However, the Honda Racing Coproration surprisingly announced that it would take Marc Marquez 2 to 3 months to fully recover.

If it refers to this moment, it means that the person concerned cannot race until the end of this season.

Marc Marquez himself said the doctors did not expect the plate on his arm to break like this. However, he now accepts his condition and hopes that this recovery will be the last.

“Our first operation was carried out based on the doctors’ recommendations. They said I could ride a motorbike. They certainly did not expect my plate to break. But I still believe in them. In the second operation, they are more careful. Now is the time for me to recover to return stronger, “continued the eight-time world champion.

Even so, Marc hopes to recover before the end of this season, so he can get on the track even just once as a warm-up ahead of the new 2021 season.

“When I come back, I’ll go fast, and I’ll take another risk, because that’s my DNA. I hope to be back at the end of the season, have a few races, so I can prepare myself for 2021,”

“I will come back as soon as possible, with a record that I am 100% fit. I might lose one season, but I still have a lot of time in front of me,” he concluded.

Penulis: | 27 Agustus 2020 | blog