Marc Marquez Admits This Long Injury Has Affected His Self-Confidence

Repsol Honda Team rider Marc Marquez cannot deny that the long injury he suffered not only had an impact on his physique, but also his mentality. The eight-time world champion may lack confidence when he returns to racing later.

Marc Marquez had to undergo three different surgeries because of the humeral fracture he suffered in the first series of the 2020 season yesterday. Even that injury forced the Spanish rider to miss the full season.

Fortunately, the postoperative recovery process has been running smoothly so far, it’s just that it is not certain when the 28-year-old racer will be able to compete again on the track.

Regardless, Marc Marquez admits that he can’t wait to get back to racing, but he is aware that this long injury will affect his mentality, so that when he returns to the track later, he will not set high targets.
“Regarding mentality, of course I imagine a ‘comeback’ in the best way. But this does not mean going back and winning again immediately, but returning to riding a MotoGP bike like before and trying to enjoy it. I also want to return to my previous level, with the same racing style. , “he said via

Furthermore, Marc Marquez shared how his latest condition is now, where he already feels much better than before, but the matter of self-confidence cannot fully return.
“My right arm now feels more and more like a normal arm. A month ago, it felt very difficult to shower, open doors, or eat with my right arm. It felt like a mental battle, because this injury was as if I was at war with my confidence,”

“I haven’t used my right arm for a long time. This procedure is not easy because this is the first time I have felt this kind of thing in life. But gradually my arm continues to improve, now I can shower easier, can exercise in the gym, have more strength, and have less hurts again, “he concluded.

Meanwhile, the 2021 MotoGP season has actually started to roll since last week, but the first series will only take place at the end of March.

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