Marc Bartra’s wife loves MotoGP instead of football

As a professional soccer player, we can be sure that they want a lover who also likes the world. There is already a lot of evidence that footballers who have romance with the models or even world-class movie stars fall in love with the world of football.

One tangible proof is the figure of Sara Carbonero and FC Porto goalkeeper, Iker Casillas. Both are staying together because of football, where Casillas is a player, while the sexy woman is a sports reporter.

Interestingly here, when the figure of a woman who had an affair with a soccer player appeared, it turned out that she did not like the world of the football. This is what happened to Marc Bartra’s wife, Melissa Jimenez. It is known that the figure who works as a journalist is very crazy about the world of MotoGP.

Melissa began to like the world of MotoGP when she had the opportunity to become a journalist for Sky Italia. Not only that, it was claimed that Melissa’s blood also flowed into the world of sports. Where Melissa’s father was a worker at one of the motorcycle manufacturers in Spain, JJ Cobas.

The father also often invites Melissa to watch racing events firsthand. Melissa’s career in the media is supported by the educational background she took while studying. He majored in communication science at Barcelona, and his career was increasing because he was chosen as a commentator in the paddock by Mediaset.

The happiest moment was the chance for Melissa to replace Nelly Furtado, a singer from the United States on Spanish television shows. Establishing a relationship for quite a long time with Bartra, Melissa had received a severe test as the incident of throwing a bomb towards the Borussia Dortmund bus when they were on their way to AS Monaco.

One of the most severe victims was Marc Bartra. He suffered an injury to his wrist, and Melissa herself was so shocked that finally Bartra left Dortmund and now docked to Real Betis.

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