Manchester United still can’t move on from Sir Alex Ferguson

The former player of Argentina National Team, Juan Sebastian Veron spoke about the situation of his former club, Manchester United, which has seen difficulties in recent years. According to Veron, the Red Devils have lost their direction since their legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, who decided to retire in 2013, was abandoned.

As is known, Manchester United was once known as the best club in the Premier League, having dominated the league since being under the direction of Sir Alex Ferguson. The Scottish manager led the club nicknamed the Red Devils to win a number of prestigious titles including two European Champions League trophies. Then, in the summer of 2013 ago, Sir Alex Ferguson decided to retire.

Indeed, since then, the Red Devils have difficulties competing in the Premier League championship, they are even so difficult to penetrate the top 4 of the standings. They keep changing the managers from David Moyes, Louis Van Gaal to Jose Mourinho since 2016. Under the direction of the Portuguese coach, Manchester United improved slightly by winning 3 minor titles in the 2016/17 season, then finished in the 2nd place in the Premier League final standings last season.

Unfortunately, this season the Red Devils are less convincing, so many doubted Manchester United’s chances of competing in the title race. They also have difficulty bringing in star players. Therefore, many people think that Manchester United still cannot move on from Sir Alex Ferguson.

The same thing was told by the club legend and former Argentine National Team player, Juan Sebastian Veron. According to him, Manchester United still has not found a clear direction since Sir Alex Ferguson left until now.

“They have been very miserable since Ferguson left. They were never able to find directions, while there were a number of changes along the way.”

“Of course, Manchester City managed to find an idea, while United had difficulty finding ideas or retaining an idea since Ferguson’s departure. Mourinho is a great coach and manager. But clearly, United have not been able to find the right coach since Ferguson’s departure,” Told Veron to Soccerex at an event in Miami.

At the present, Manchester United have recorded 20 points from the 12 premier league matches that have taken place and are ranked 8th in the standings.

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