Manchester United haven’t made any decisions about Alexis Sanchez

Manchester United coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admitted he had not yet made any decisions related to the fate of Alexis Sanchez. Although it is possible to give a second chance to the Chilean player, but this time the interpreter of the tactics chose silence.

Since being bought from Arsenal in January 2018, Sanchez has not achieved his best performance with Manchester United. As a result, the club agreed to lend the former Barcelona to the Italian Serie A club, Inter Milan during the 2019/20 season.

His arrival would certainly be a breath of fresh air for Inter Milan, especially seeing the fact that before Sanchez had also shone along with Udinese. Sadly, Sanchez’s debut at Inter was interrupted by a serious injury.

Even after recovering and starting to play, the former Arsenal player is considered still not able to meet the club’s expectations. For this reason, Inter are believed to be not interested in buying Alexis Sanchez permanently after his loan expires.

No wonder the Chilean player’s fate is now a big question mark, whether he will return to Old Trafford or even be loaned again to another club.

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer himself claimed not to simply cross out Alexis Sanchez. He still wanted to give a chance, but the Norwegian tactician said that his focus now was to live the rest of the season with maximum results.

“Of course there is room for good players and for good people in this environment. We’ll see how Manchester United’s position after the season ends, because we really feel the current squad is interesting.

We feel we are on the right path to do something, “Solskjaer told The Star via Goal International.

Solskjaer acknowledged that Alexis Sanchez was a good player, but by analogy, a good sofa is not guaranteed to also match the decoration in a living room.

“Sometimes when you decorate your living room, there might be a nice chair or a nice sofa, but it might not match the other furniture. For us what is important is to think about major titles, our focus is to finish this season as well as possible, “continued Solskjaer.

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