Manchester United have reached top standings, Maguire reluctant to relax

Manchester United are currently at the top of the Premier League standings with a two-point advantage over their closest rivals. Even so, captain Harry Maguire is reluctant to laugh due to the fact that the Red Devils haven’t won anything.

Actually, Manchester United have not topped the standings in the Premier League for a very long time. In fact, the last time they won in this event was in the 2012/13 season, Sir Alex Ferguson’s last season.

After Sir Alex retired, the Red Devils looked difficult, let alone to win the title, even to master the temporary standings they had difficulty.

But in the 2020/21 campaign, Manchester United fans suddenly feel optimistic that their team can become champions. Because their favorite team managed to top the standings with a two-point advantage over their closest rival, Manchester City.

However, when asked about his success at the top of the standings, the mainstay defender and team captain Harry Maguire was reluctant to say much.

“We don’t want to talk about the standings,” Maguire told MUTV.

The most important thing for Manchester United at this time is the fact that their form has improved a lot compared to two seasons ago.

“Two years ago, nobody expected us to compete at the top of the table. But as players, we know we can compete in that position, because this club is always competing for all the trophies.”

“The most important thing is that we continue to develop. We have to improve in every game and in every training session. We still need to improve a lot in many aspects.” He said.

Topping the standings does lift the players’ confidence, but the most important thing is how to win the next matches. After all, Manchester United haven’t won anything and the remaining games of the season are still long.

“Yes, it is nice to be in this position, but we have a long way to go and we have to make sure we are still in this position at the end of the season. We will not focus on the standings, we will focus on one game to another.” he said.

Meanwhile, the Red Devils are currently preparing to face Liverpool in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

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