Manchester City re-signing Jadon Sancho? This is Guardiola’s response…

Slick performance of Jadon Sancho made a number of clubs interested in recruiting the young British players. Manchester City is said to be one of the clubs interested in repatriating their former player.

Please note, the 20-year-old Winger is one of the results of the Manchester City academy. But, because it was difficult to penetrate the Citizen first team, Jadon Sancho then decided to move to Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2017.

Together with Die Borussen, Jadon Sancho’s performance continues to grow and is consistent. Even this season, he has recorded 20 goals and 20 assists from 44 appearances. No wonder then that he was attracted by a number of European giants.

Naturally, many people think that the decision of Manchester City to release Jadon Sancho is one of the biggest mistakes. Citizen is considered to have wasted the young talents of the winger.

But based on the news that was heard lately, not only Manchester United were interested in Jadon Sancho, but also Manchester City.

Citizens are believed to be ready to repatriate Jadon Sancho with a large financial support from club owners. Related to this issue, Pep Guardiola as Manchester City coach considers it an impossible possibility.

“He decided to leave, why should he come back? When he decides to move to Dortmund, it does not mean that he will return. That makes no sense. If he wants to leave, I say he won’t come back,”

“This is part of the process, we want to stay with players in the last 10 years forever, but we grow every year and have to replace them with new players.” Guardiola said as quoted by Goal International.

Manchester City is actually in the process of regeneration. Last summer they left Vincent Kompany, and next summer David Silva will certainly leave. While Sergio Aguero and Fernandinho have also aged.

“This is not a disaster, this is part of football for his age and is a natural thing. This happens to every club in the world, you cannot be eternal. We must accept and try to take the right decision so that in order to maintain the level we have, “he concluded.

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