Man City presenter lost predicate as Beauty Queen after her topless photos were scattered

Manchester City TV presenter, Natalie Paweleck has just been hit by a big storm in her long career journey. Claimed that her position as Scottish beauty queen was forced to be removed due to the spread of old photos she was posing topless spread to the cyberspace public.

This news gave a big surprise to Manchester City fans, in her confession, Natalie said that before becoming a presenter of Manchester City TV, he admitted he had worked as a model for adult male magazines such as FHM. She ever been photographed without clothes.

Even so, the regulations remain the rules, which in September 2018 yesterday. Natalie’s title as Mrs. Scotland, which she won in 2007, had to be deposed because it was not included in the exemplary category. Natalie responded to this casually, because the title meant nothing to her.

Surprisingly, Natalie was even proud of her work as a model of the adult men’s magazine. At that time, Natalie was 20 years old and felt happy with her work showing her sexiness.

“My modeling in the past is not something that must be hidden. I am proud of what I have achieved. I won the most popular modeling competition in England,” said Natalie, who turned 35 years old this year.

Natalie was listed as Manchester City television presenter for eight years. Before getting this job, Natalie was born from falling in love with Manchester City and until finally the opportunity became apparent by becoming an insider from the big English club.

“I got the first season ticket when I was 15 years old. I support this club when it still smells of garbage, before there is money and trophies coming, “Natalie continued.

Successfully getting his wish, Natalie immediately showed an unusual attitude. Where Natalie claimed to be very nervous, because she did not believe her dream came true.

“I am nervous about what my family and friends will think and say when they see me here. But they still support and my husband says to enjoy it, “closed Natalie.

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