Madrid eliminated from the Spanish Super Cup, Zidane remains calm

Real Madrid failed to defend their Spanish Super Cup title after losing to Athletic Bilbao in the semifinals. Interestingly, coach Zinedine Zidane remained relaxed about the defeat and did not consider it a failure.

The duel itself took place at Estadio La Rosaleda, Friday morning WIB (15/01). In that party, Los Blancos were two goals behind through Raul Garcia’s action in the 18th minute and the 28th minute.

The two goals were somewhat surprising because in fact Real Madrid appeared to dominate from the start. They were even recorded as having fired 21 shots, but were only able to score one goal back through Karim Benzema in the 73rd minute. The 2-1 position lasted until the match ended which automatically knocked out the defending champion.

The public also had to keep the hope of seeing the El Clasico duel in the final, considering that Barca had already escaped after beating Real Sociedad. After the match, coach Zinedine Zidane did not seem too disappointed, he did not consider this a failure.

“It’s not a failure. Failing if you don’t try, don’t try everything on the pitch. Living like that, you can’t always win. We always try, but we can’t always win.” he said, quoted from Goal International.

Rather than regretting the failure in the Spanish Super Cup, the entrenadore chose to highlight the results his team has achieved recently.

This is due to the fact that this is the first defeat that Los Blancos have swallowed since the beginning of December 2020 yesterday. It sounds extraordinary, but if you pay attention, they are only able to get two wins from the last five matches.

Of course the hope of the coach, his team can change this bad record in the following matches. “We have got a great score and now two draws and one defeat. We have to keep trying to change this dynamic as soon as possible,”

“The outside will always be the same, as usual. What we can do is continue to work and move forward as a team,” he concluded. Next, Los Blancos will face Alyocano in the Copa Del Rey continuation.

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