Luna Maya really feel the impact of Coronavirus

It is not only the middle to lower economic community who are feeling the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic, but the upper classes are equally feeling. This was confirmed by former lover of Reino Barrack, Luna Maya.

Luna Maya is indeed an actress, and she still gets an offer to appear on the screen even though the Coronavirus pandemic is still a threat. However, on the one hand the former lover of Ariel Noah is also a businesswoman who has many businesses in various regions.

Therefore, it is not surprising in the video uploaded on Youtube, the 36-year-old woman confirmed that she also felt the impact of this Pandemic.

“Guys, are the ones who think that what is difficult is only the lower classes, daily salaries and all kinds. We also want to tell you, not just the bottom one. Especially me and Raffi (Ahmad), “said Luna Maya.

The reason is, other businesses are stagnant in terms of revenue, as a result Luna Maya is confused to pay employees, pay taxes, installments, and so on.

“Until now I have to pay my friends who work with me, my house and my house installments, my car payments, credit cards are still running, there is no policy. And keep paying taxes,”

“The most difficult right now, if you could say zero income. There is no income at all. But yes, we still can survive with my own savings probably till the next few months. So everything has obstacles, it is difficult and confused at a time like this, “she continued.

Nevertheless, Luna Maya remains grateful because at least until now she is still in good health. The reason, there are many artists who have also contracted this plague such as Andrea Dian.

“Even though the financial condition is not really good. But I thank God, I am healthy and still can enjoying good food. Hopefully Jakarta will be back to normal soon, “added Luna Maya.

In Indonesia, there have been more than 3,500 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19.

Penulis: | 10 April 2020 | blog