Luke Shaw defends De Gea from his fatal blunder

One incident that is remembered by the public, especially Manchester United fans in the Premier League continued last weekend, was a fatal blunder by Spanish goalkeeper, David De Gea in a match against Watford. However, De Gea received a defense from his team-mate, Luke Shaw.

On the 18th matchdays of the Premier League last weekend, Manchester United did face Watford. In the match, the Red Devils directed by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer were defeated with a final score of 0-2. Well, the process of the first goal in the match can be said to be due to a fatal blunder by Red Devils goalkeeper, David De Gea.

Ismaela Sarr opened fire, which should have been easily anticipated by De Gea, but the Spanish National Team goalkeeper actually failed to catch him. The ball then entered the goal that he was guarding and Watford were 1-0 ahead of Manchester United. While the second goal in the party was scored Troy Deeney.

Apart from the second goal that happened four minutes later, the spotlight was still on David De Gea regarding the blunder. The Old Trafford public seemed to blame the former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper. British media also highlighted his performance in the party.

Related to this, defender Luke Shaw did not remain silent, he also defended his team-mates.

“Of course, that is a strange goal, David has helped us many times in different matches over the years he has been here. There’s no way you can point any mistakes at him. He is a world class goalkeeper and I am sure he will rise soon, “he told MUTV.

This defeat is clearly disappointing for Manchester United, they failed to maintain positive momentum after winning a proud victory in the two previous matches, each when faced with Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City. Shaw realized this, and he also confirmed that his team had to get up quickly and achieve positive results again.

“We have to get better and we know that. We will improve it in the training session and hope that it will be able to undergo Boxing Day well, “he said.

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