Lukaku keep scoring goals, this is what Antonio Conte says…

Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku is enjoying his best season at an individual level with Inter Milan. He continued to score goals, which helped the Nerazzurri get closer to the championship rofi.

Most recently, the former Chelsea and Everton player is back as one of the actors in Inter’s victory. Tuesday (11/8/2020) early morning WIB earlier, he scored one of the 2-1 winning goals that La Beneamata won over Bayer Leverkusen.

Thanks to this goal, Inter Milan made it to the semifinals of this season’s Europa League. In addition, this goal gave birth to a record as the first player to score 9 goals in a row in European competition.

With the addition of that one goal, the former Manchester United star has now collected 31 goals in all competitions this season. The number is in fact the largest throughout his career as a player.

A very impressive record, considering that the Belgian player just joined Inter Milan last summer.

Regarding the productivity of his flagship player, coach Antonio Conte cannot say much. He only suggested Lukaku to thank his team-mates who helped him so far.

“It’s difficult to talk about individuals when you look at the team’s very good performance. Romelu is having a good season, supported by a team, who can be in the right position to give their best at an individual level too.”

“I’m happy for him, he deserves it. However, Romelu also has to thank the team for helping him be in a condition to give his best,” said Conte on Italian Football.

Indeed, the final score of 2-1 was enough to bring Inter Milan to the semifinals. But actually they have a number of golden opportunities in this match, Conte himself seemed calm in responding to this fact.

“I can’t be angry tonight. Now I can only congratulate the players for everything they have done in Serie A, all season, and now in the Europa League.”

“We showed some videos to the team, about situations both positive and that we can develop. It is not meant to find fault, but to show how to develop next time,” he concluded.

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