Lukaku finally agree to joining Inter for IDR 3.2 billion per week salary

The big news has just arrived in the European realm which again presents the name of the Manchester United bomber, Romelu Lukaku, who claimed to have agreed to move to Inter Milan in the transfer market this season. Based on the latest information from people in both clubs, Lukaku received a salary offer of 180 thousand pounds in one week offered by Inter.

Romelu Lukaku is actually not going to be included in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s plan in the mission to bring the Red Devils to the League stage next season. The man from Norway considers if the movement of Lukaku is so slow that he cannot keep up with other players.

Many assume if Romelu Lukaku does not want to leave Old Trafford, but if it becomes a reality the club wants to sell it, then he is very dancing and ready for a career on another stage next season.

According to sources, Inter Milan insisted on working with Romelu Lukaku. Some observers say that if Romelu Lukaku’s game fits perfectly with the training characteristics of Antonio Conte. On that basis, why did Inter make Romelu Lukaku the main target of this season.

So confident and very ready to work with Romelu Lukaku, Inter also dared to pour funds amounting to 180 thousand pounds or Rp 3.2 billion in one week to Romelu Lukaku as a salary for his salary while at the San Siro.

More in explaining if the offer given by Inter about salary then got a positive response from the Romelu Lukaku. He will accept the offer and move from Manchester to Milan. The suitability of this salary is not the main obstacle for Inter.

The reason is a very large obstacle is the transfer dowry that must be paid by Inter Milan to Manchester. Although it is not included in the team’s plan next season, it does not want to release Romelu Lukaku at a low price.

The Red Devils put the price of 80 million euros if Inter Milan want to bring Romelu Lukaku. Referring to the price is clearly not a cheap price, Inter’s best solution is to sell Mauro Icardi to get financial income.

Selling Icardi, then using the proceeds from the sale to buy Lukaku, Inter Milan will survive the threat of punishment from the Financial Fiar Play [FFP]. The feasibility of Romelu Lukaku can still be guaranteed, while playing in the 2018-2019 season, the player successfully scored 15 goals in both the Premier League and Champions League.

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