Luka Modric admits he could be “wasted” at Real Madrid

Given that he is already 35 years old, 2018 World Cup Finalist Luka Modric cannot deny the fact that he could be left out of Real Madrid’s main squad at any time.

Previously, it should be noted that the Croatian National Team midfielder arrived at the Santiago Bernabeu in the summer of 2012. He was bought from Tottenham Hotspur at the moment.

Until now, the player has been irreplaceable in the Los Blancos midfield, even though new coaches have come and gone. In total, Luka Modric has collected no less than 347 appearances with 17 trophies.

In fact, it can be said that the player is one of the main actors behind Real Madrid’s success in winning three consecutive titles in the European Champions League (2016-2018).

Until now, the player is still a mainstay in midfield. It’s just that, the contract is only one season left. Given that he is already 35 years old, many predict that the former Tottenham player will be eliminated from the Madrid squad sooner or later.

Luka Modric then admitted this, he could not deny that the age factor could make him “wasted” at Real Madrid. But personally, he still wants to stay at the Santiago Bernabeu.

“Of course I want to stay at Real Madrid. Even so, I realize that I have reached a certain age and the club has to make the best decisions for all parties,”

“As long as I feel that I am still an important part of Real Madrid, I want to stay. When the situation is not like that, I will look for new challenges.” said Modric to Marca.

Furthermore, Modric admitted that he could not give a definite year when he would retire from football. He is only determined to continue to do his best, including for the Croatian National Team.

“I don’t want to set limits or specific dates for myself. I go from match to match, and we’ll see how my mental and physical condition is,”

“I feel very good. This is all thanks to coach Dalic (coach of Croatia) who let me continue to follow the pre-season with Real Madrid. It is very important for players my age,” he concluded.

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