Luis Suarez talks about the future of Messi

The puzzle of Lionel Messi’s future is still unanswered, regarding that, Luis Suarez as one of La Pulga’s close friends tries to provide a little leak.

European media in general have been busy talking about Lionel Messi’s future. Naturally, the 33-year-old player’s contract will end in the summer, while so far, Barcelona has not yet reached an agreement on a new contract.

In accordance with the applicable bossman rules, Messi should have been able to start negotiations with other clubs. Later, he was said to be the main target of the French Ligue 1 giants, Paris Saint-Germain, who were determined to unite Messi with Neymar again.

However, based on the leaks that have been heard, until now Messi has not negotiated with any team. He is said to be looking forward to the election of President of Barcelona, ​​to see if the New President has the right mission regarding the future of the club.

The public is still confused about the continuation of Messi’s career, because based on the recognition of the six Ballon d’Or winner, he still wants to play, aka not planning to hang up his shoes.

Regarding that, Luis Suarez, who is known as a close friend of La Pulga, spoke up. Suarez, who is now defending Atletico Madrid, can ensure that Messi will not come to the Wanda Metropolitano.

“[Playing with Messi] maybe in a friendly match. Messi will retire wherever he wants, he can decide whether it will be in Barcelona, ​​in Argentina or anywhere,” Suarez said in an interview with El Transistor quoted from Marca. .

In fact, the situation itself was not good for Lionel Messi. He was often criticized, accused of not playing wholeheartedly after being forced to stay at the Camp Nou.

However, Suarez can confirm that his friend is currently feeling happy. The former Liverpool also praised Messi’s performance against Granada yesterday in the Copa Del Rey event.

“Yesterday afternoon I spoke with Messi, he is very pleased with the victory that was achieved yesterday. Lionel Messi plays at a spectacular level, he is the best in the world,” he concluded.

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