Luis Milla: Rodri will become more successful with Manchester City

Speculation about the future of Atletico Madrid’s young star, Rodri who will move to Manchester City is inseparable from the observation of Luis Milla, who is a former Indonesian national team coach. According to Milla, the player will be very suitable under direction of Pep Guardiola.

Based on the recent news, Atletico and Manchester City have agreed at the number of 63 million Pounds as Rodri’s transfer value. Rodri, who is turning 23 years old in June, is projected as a potential replacement for Fernandinho’s role, who is getting older.

Milla, once who played as a defensive midfielder, also understands how’s Rodri style. He believes that the player will become Manchester City’s best recruit, who is aiming to be the best in both domestic and European.

“Rodri will be very much in the scheme of playing Manchester City, his coaches developed a style of play like Ajax Amsterdam and Barcelona, and they are looking for the same playing ideas,” said Milla.

“Manchester City is a team that is oriented towards the Barcelona game. Rodri has the ability and capacity to play like that. Rodri is a midfielder who can provide new colors in the game,”

Throughout his career with Atletico Madrid, Rodri’s game surprised many, including Milla, who admired him so much. For this reason, Milla believes that Rodri will adapt very quickly at the Etihad Stadium.

“We speak of the capacity of players who have the ability to read games quickly. He is a player who understands what to do at every moment, he is smart, tactically he never loses his position, and he knows how to play in his position, “concluded Milla.

Throughout the Spanish La Liga season and the 2018-2019 Champions League, Rodri recorded appearances playing 47 times with three goals for Atletico Madrid. Manchester City has rightly justified this rumor as Rodri’s name is in great demand by European elite clubs, including Real Madrid, Juventus and Inter Milan.

Penulis: | 19 Juni 2019 | blog