Luciano Spalletti on AC Milan’s radar

Speculation of coach replacement in AC Milan squad continues to be blown hard, this time an experienced figure in the Serie A stage, Luciano Spalletti, who previously had the opportunity to train AS Roma is now included, as a strong candidate to replace Marco Giampaolo‘s position.

Giampaolo is actually being looked at by god-level anxiety, because the journey of Milan on the Serie A stage is far from expectations. At the moment, Milan have fallen into a very bad ranking and are not fit for a big team of Milan’s class.

For the time being, Milan’s position is ranked 13th in the standings. They are only able to gain nine points from the seven matches that have been undertaken. This worst record this season has been to have won three successive defeats since facing Inter Milan at the end of September 2019.

As fresh air came, Milan managed to get out of the zone of adversity with a 2-1 win over Genoa in Serie A continued last weekend. Both goals were scored by Theo Hernandez and Franck Kessie in the minute of 51 and 57 respectively.

However, the issue of dismissal Giampaolo never stopped. Even worse for the coach because it appears several names of world-class coaches who became radar Milan. Luciano Spalletti is said to be the strongest candidate of various names spread in the public at this time.

According to some reliable sources, there have been hidden talks between Spalletti and Milan officials. Apart from that, of course, Spalletti must complete the remaining contracts with Eliott Management and Suning Group.

Spalletti must really be brave enough to take a decision and want to give up some of the salary delay to be able to move closer to Milan. Now the speculation is getting hotter and attracts many attention of Milan fans in the world.

Penulis: | 8 Oktober 2019 | blog