Losing against Watford is blessing for Liverpool?

Liverpool finally swallowed their first defeat after 44 Premier League matches. Many later regretted the failure of the Reds to maintain the record. But, the club legend Stan Collymore actually considers it a blessing, why?

As is known, Liverpool are unbeaten in 27 Premier League matches, with details of 26 wins and one draw. The slick notes make the public believe that the Reds can break Arsenal’s invincible record.

Unfortunately, this record was stopped when playing the 28th week of the Premier League at Watford headquarters last weekend. The match ended with the score 0-3.

It was Liverpool’s first defeat in the Premier League this season, and if combined with last season means they only lost after 44 league matches.

Certainly disappointing, but Stan Collymore actually considered it a blessing. The club legend was relieved that the talk of an unbeaten record was automatically stopped.

“Now, talks about Liverpool achieving the status of ‘The Invincibles’ will stop,” Collymore told The Mirror.

Because, Collymore’s booth felt that the record talks did not help the pace of Liverpool for the rest of the season.

“I think it’s good if the talk about The Invincibles stops because I don’t think it helps Liverpool at all.” He said.

The legend also asked Liverpool players not to be discouraged because of the failure of the invincibles record. Moreover, the fact is the Reds now only need four more matches to ensure the Premier League title.

“Losing that status makes the players realize that they only need to win four more matches to win the Premier League title. They also need to focus on other tournaments too,” he said.

For information, Arsenal have recorded the Invincibles record in the 2003/04 season ago. They are unbeaten all season and win the league title. Until now, the record has not been solved.

Liverpool itself are preparing to face Chelsea in the FA Cup fifth round match this season. The match is planned to be held on Wednesday morning WIB (04/03) at Stamford Bridge Stadium.

Can Liverpool move on from defeat at Watford headquarters?

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