Lorenzo feels proud for historic battles with Rossi

The Spaniard considers that his rivalry with Rossi is Positive rivalry, even though it often seems to heat up until the Circuit exits.

Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi actually had been involved in fierce rivalry, starting in 2008. Some parties consider that the rivalry between the two riders is the best rivalry in the history of World-class racing.

Considering, the rivalry between the two did not only take place on the Circuit, but also often spread out, they even had a bicker on several occasions. Lorenzo and Rossi only got along when they didn’t defend the same team.

Even though it looks like a negative rival because it creates conflict outside the racing circuit, Jorge Lorenzo still sees his rivalry with Valentino Rossi as Positive rivalry. The relationship with The Doctor, according to him, has motivated him to be even better.

“Rivalry with Vale has made me better. We both motivate each other, but also hide our secrets. From the perspective of the mass media, our rivalry is very important, “Lorenzo said.

Moreover, the fact is that the public still remembers the rivalry between him and Rossi to this day. The most memorable race was when the Catalunya Series was in 2009, and when he won the competition with Ducati Corse 5 years ago.

Lorenzo considers that the victory over Rossi is a matter of pride, as well as the defeat when he was swallowed at home (Catalunya Series 2009).

“Until now people are still talking about the race in Barcelona (2009) and competition in 2015. I am proud to have fought a champion like Vale, both over and losing to him,” he said.

Overall, Jorge Lorenzo never only won the competition with Rossi. This five-time world champion has also beaten Marc Marquez, Max Biaggi to Casey Stoner.

“I am the only person who has defeated all riders, but I have never thought about it. The important thing is to win the world title, because then all the burdens disappear. The others are only ‘prizes’, “closes five times this world champion.

Meanwhile, Jorge Lorenzo decided to get off the engine in 2019 yesterday, and now he works as a Yamaha Ride tester.

Penulis: | 14 April 2020 | blog