Lorenzo and Yamaha find another series for Wild Card

The Catalunya series, which originally planned to be held on 5-7 June 2020, was officially postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The suspension makes Jorge Lorenzo must find another series to become a wildcard rider.

Jorge Lorenzo has indeed officially retired since the end of 2019 yesterday, and now he is working as a Yamaha test rider. However, the man from Spain was given the opportunity to be a wildcard rider in the Catalunya 2020 series this season.

Of course, the chance of a wildcard later is very important for Lorenzo, not about his chances of returning to MotoGP, but about trying out a new engine from a YZR-M1 motorbike. No wonder if Lorenzo looks disappointed seeing the fact that the Catalunya series has been postponed.

But he is also aware that this season’s campaign can be totally stopped, even though he personally hopes it won’t.

“The race in Montmelo has been postponed, and it might be canceled. Hopefully it is only postponed, but it can indeed be canceled if the season is totally canceled, because that is a possibility, though hopefully it will not happen, “Lorenzo told Diario AS.

Well, if the idea to stop the competition this season will not be implemented, Lorenzo will also hold talks with Yamaha to choose another series to become a Wildcard rider.

“If this season can be held, Yamaha and I will consider undergoing wildcards in other races. The race in Montmelo is very important because there was a trial the day after that, so I should drive four days in a row to try out the 2021 device,” he said.

Lorenzo just retired a few months ago, and there are still many who did not expect it. Given, the rider is still competitive at the age of 34 years. So, is this man from Spain interested in trying his luck in car racing? Here’s the answer;

“I do not think so. I have participated in car races, and have won in several races at the national level. I am quite reliable in car racing, but at least for now I do not plan to participate in car racing, “he concluded.

The delay of the first few MotoGP series this season caused the MotoGP to hold a virtual racing competition online involving the riders.

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