Lord’s tattoo is a proof of Bendtner’s girlfriend’s loyalty

Nicklas Bendtner was once the most sought after by the media, unique here is not about his career as a soccer player. However, the media sought clarity regarding the 50-day imprisonment that Bendtner had gone through.

This sentence occurred when Bendtner was found guilty of committing acts of violence against taxi drivers in Denmark in the 2018 season. The incident itself caught the world’s attention, where Bendtner refused to pay the taxi fare.

At that time, Bendtner and his girlfriend, Philine Roepstorff were finally arrested in Copenhagen after being reported to the police by a taxi driver who had a broken jaw wound. Luckily for Bendtner, he has a loyal lover, where Roepstorff stays at his side even though anything happens.

Even as a loyal proof, Roepstorff made a tattoo that read “Lord” behind her neck specifically for Bendtner. Through Instagram, Roepstorff boldly published the only tattoo she had. With a relaxed style, Bendtner and Roepstorff show off their sexy tattoo photos.

“That’s my only one, huh … And I don’t regret those things,” Roepstorff wrote on her personal social media account.

From various controversial cases, Bendtner’s figure is still in demand by many clubs. The proof is that he is still listed as a player from Norwegian club Rosenborg. In the case of the beating, Bendtner was still listed as a Rosenborg player and claimed he was very sorry for the incident.

“Surely I don’t want that bad thing to happen between me and the taxi driver involved who then lost his job. No matter how he behaves and what he says, it’s not something I want for him.”

“There is nothing to doubt and better that each of us can resolve our dispute and end well.” Bendtner closed.

When referring to this bad attitude, Bendtner is not the first to do this. While strengthening Arsenal, Bendtner had also been involved in a commotion with the taxi driver. No different from before, the case occurred when Bendtner was drunk.

“For fans and also Rosenborg, I am very sorry for all the attitudes and events that have occurred. I apologize from my deepest heart if we are in a situation like this today,” concluded Bendtner.

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