Look at the dating style of Daniel James, who earns IDR 1 billion per week!

Daniel James became one of Manchester United’s surprise purchases in the transfer market this season. How not, at a young age, he succeeded in getting paid a high enough salary even almost the same as the senior players at Old Trafford.

Coming from Swansea City with a fee of 15 million Pounds, the name of Daniel James is predicted to become The Next Ryan Giggs in the future. The transfer value is agreed by both parties with a long-term contract duration, five years, with an option to extend for one year.

Interestingly here when young players like Daniel James get paid 67 thousand Pounds or IDR 1.1 billion per week. Then talk about the amount of the salary, where the player can certainly invite his girlfriend, Ria Kate Hughes to enjoy a luxury vacation in a famous restaurant or enjoy a beautiful place with super expensive fees.

The status is clearly different, where James shows the other side of the high-level footballer habit. The 21-year-old young man from Wales prefers to invite his girlfriend, Ria Kate Hughes to go for a walk in Cheshire. The camera was seen when the two hot couples were dressed in ordinary with super cheap snacks.

Even more complete, James only wore a black jacket and jeans. Meanwhile, Ria, only wearing a red long-sleeved shirt. This sexy woman is known to have a job as a sports instructor, and is now moving to Manchester.

If dissecting the movement of Manchester United in the transfer market, James is the first player spent by the Manchester United club. No different from western cultural habits, after deciding to date the two lived together in an apartment near Cardiff City two years ago.

Just getting close to Old Trafford, James immediately got a positive response from the Red Devils fans who immediately gave him the nickname named Flash Boy. This predicate is indeed very appropriate, the article James has a very extraordinary speed, and this advantage successfully attracted the attention of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, coach of Manchester United.

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