Look at the beautiful and noble-hearted wife of Sneijder

Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau emerged as the most wanted figure by millions of people. Not only has a sexy and beautiful body shape, but the wife of the Dutch legend, Wesley Sneijder has a noble heart and deserves to be a role model for many people.

It was noted as the main actor who founded the ‘Free A Girl ayasan foundation in 2010. The foundation has the aim of starting with efforts to end sexual harassment of minors from all over the world, especially the attention of Dutch children.

“When I heard the sadness of the voices of children coming out of brothels in India and girls being harassed there, I knew I had to do something,” said Yolanthe.

Officially established in 2010, until now the Yolanthe foundation has succeeded in releasing approximately 4,187 girls from brothels. This positive activity clearly made many people fascinated, and surely the husband supported Yolanthe.

“Yolanthe is committed to stopping child sexual abuse with all his heart and soul. I want to support him in the war on child prostitution. We want to unite to fight sexual abuse of children, “forms of Wesley Sneijder’s support.

Sneijder is still actively playing for professional clubs, although he has decided to hang shoes from international level, but Sneijder is still listed as a player at the Qatar club, Al-Gharafa. This season, Sneijder has already recorded 5 goals in 12 matches.

Throughout his career record, Sneijder has played in various major European clubs including Ajax Amsterdam, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and Galatasaray. His best record was to help Inter win the treble in 2010 under the care of Jose Mourinho.

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