Look at Romario’s GF who is 31 years younger!

The legend of Brazilian football, Romario returned to bring hot news about his love story. This latest, a successful player who led Brazil to the 1994 World Cup champion, dared to introduce his lover to the public, and interestingly here, they are couple with big age gaps.

Apart from the world of football, Romario is known to be busy in politics, but who would have thought if his new world did not reduce his desire to connect with new lovers. Investigated, Romario is dating a young girl, Ana Karoline Nazario.

Karoline is now known to be 20 years old, and is noted as a student at the Florianopolis campus, Santa Catarina, southern Brazil. The story of this 31 year age gap relationship officially started since May 2019. In her confession, Karoline felt relaxed and not ashamed of the current age difference.

“Love in my opinion does not all happen by accident. There are always motives and reasons. People come to life for several reasons and give instructions. You (Romario, Brazilian national team legend) showed me about love. I am the one who knows how’s your love,” wrote Karoline in a post on her personal Instagram account.

When referring to this story, it can be said to be very reasonable as Romario is known as a playboy figure who asks to attract the hearts of women. It was known that before this happened, the Brazilian legend had revealed the secrets of how to lure a woman’s heart. Even Romario claimed not to be a type of man who was loyal to one woman.

“100 percent I am not loyal. In my free association, a good woman is my dream. I once slept with three different women on the same day, “said Romario, who is currently busy in planning his candidacy as Governor of Rio de Janeiro in March 2018.

Penulis: | 11 Juli 2019 | wags