Ljungberg feels confident Arsenal can make it

What is recorded at the moment Arsenal is really still disappointing, they are considered to still need an experienced coach to occupy the manager’s seat. But Freddie Ljungberg, who works as an interim coach for The Gunners, actually feels confident that he can be a savior.

As is known, Arsenal have indeed officially ended with Unai Emery, where the former Sevilla coach was officially kicked out of the manager’s chair a few weeks ago. The Spaniard is thought to be responsible for a series of bad cuts received by The Gunners since the beginning of the season.

As for the time being, Arsenal appointed club legend Freddie Ljungberg, who previously served as Emery’s assistant to become an interim coach. Ljungberg has led The Gunners in the last two matches. Unfortunately, Arsenal have still not been able to achieve slick results. They were held to a Norwich draw and lost to Brighton. This situation clearly makes Arsenal fans unsure of the luck of Ljungberg in the manager’s chair.

Even so, the Swedish legend actually tells his belief, that he is “100 percent” Arsenal’s savior.

“100 percent. I think I can do that, otherwise I will not be here. But of course, that is a difficult task,” Ljungberg was quoted as saying by Mirror.

Furthermore, Ljungberg said that at the moment the Arsenal players are only trying to increase their confidence.

“If confidence is low, then it is definitely low. As it is. But we are working to restore that confidence,” he continued.

The big four are believed to be the last position of Arsenal in the premier league standings later, but Ljungberg unwilling to think about it. The most important thing now is how to win the next match against West Ham United.

“I’m not sure that we should stop talking about the big four. But for us the most important thing is to concentrate on what is done now, and not look up and down. We have to improve our own game and our confidence,” he said.

The match against Newcastle United itself will take place on Tuesday morning WIB later (10/12).

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