Liverpool should become the richest club now, if …

Premier League club, Liverpool should now hold the status as the richest possible English club in Europe, if only received proposals from Sheikh Mansour a few years ago.

No doubt, Manchester City achieved great success over the past 10 years due to the arrival of the new owner, Sheikh Mansour. The conglomerate from Abu Dhabi did not hesitate to pour large funds to buy a series of players and coaches of the world class.

Keep in mind, the conglomerate paid most of City’s shares 12 years ago, precisely in 2008.

As of the agreement was reached, Manchester City began recruiting top players such as Aguero, David Silva, coach Roberto Mancini and many more. The funds spent to buy these figures are also fairly large.

But it was surprising to hear the claim from Graeme Souness that Sheikh Mansour actually planned to buy his former club, Liverpool, not City. Souness claimed to have met with Amanda Staveley in Dubai.

The woman turned out to be a figure who helped the process of Sheikh Mansour’s acquisition of Manchester City. Who would have thought, Staveley was a Liverpool fan, so that made Souness ask why he didn’t lead Sheikh Mansour to buy the Marseyside Team.

“I went to Dubai 12-13 years ago. On my way out of the restaurant I met a number of people at the bar. One of them introduced himself as Amanda (Staveley) and claimed to be a Liverpool fan,”

“He then said, ‘I am responsible for bringing the Abu Dhabi entourage to Manchester City.’ I also replied, ‘You said you were a Liverpool fan, why didn’t you bring them there?’,” Souness said as reported by the Daily Mail.

Staveley said that in fact he had done this, but the two Liverpool owners namely Tom Hicks and George Gillett were too difficult when invited to negotiate.

“Amanda answered, ‘I’ve tried to do this many times, but Gillett and Hicks are too difficult to negotiate so the Abu Dhabi family finally gave up’,” he said.

If only at that time the two Liverpool owners were willing to be invited to negotiations, it could be that Liverpool is now the richest team in England. Because, they already have a large capital, as one of the clubs that have a big name and history in England.

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