Liverpool must prepare a big sum of money for Thiago Alcantara

Bayern Munich can no longer restrain Thiago Alcantara’s departure, but they suggest Liverpool or other interested parties prepare large pockets if they want to recruit the Spanish midfielder.

In fact, the 29-year-old is crucial in the Bayern Munich squad. He has even been a mainstay since being redeemed from Barcelona in the summer of 2013 ago.

With this fact, Bayern Munich actually wants to extend the contract period of the player who currently has only one year left.

But, the defending champions the German Bundesliga admitted that they failed to defend Thiago.

The Club’s CEO, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, judged that Die Roten had fought hard to defend Thiago. Too bad these efforts ultimately led to failure.

The Spanish National Team player chose to leave the Allianz Arena this summer.

“We are actually quite optimistic that he wants to extend the contract with us. But then Thiago informed Hasan that he wanted to look for new challenges. ”

“We will accept the decision. He is still under a one-year contract with us, and if he has agreed with another club then the club must pay a transfer fee to us. ” Thus said Rummenigge.

Lately, Thiago Alcantara is said to be moving closer to Liverpool. Coach Jurgen Klopp also repeatedly expressed his admiration for the player.

Rummenigge asked Liverpool or any club that really intends to buy Thiago next summer, must prepare a lot of pockets.

“I don’t want to say how much money we want for this transfer. But one thing is certain, we will not give him a summer discount. ” He said.

Personally, Rummenigge was not at all angry with Thiago’s decision, because the player claimed to want to look for new challenges in his career.

“Don’t forget he is currently 29 years old, where he is in the position of wanting to try something new, because when you are 30 years old it will be difficult for you to leave.” he said.

In addition to Liverpool, Manchester United is also reportedly interested in the former Barcelona player.

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