Liverpool legend reveals the secrets of dating young women

There are many legends of world-class football, ranging from their goal record to the achievements they made with clubs and countries. Basically, the legends are no longer involved in the world of football when they reach some age.

Interestingly, the statement is not all true, where many override that age. They assume that age can grow older, but it does not mean they have lost their love for the world of football and especially in finding life partners.

Evidently, some English soccer legends managed to captivate beautiful young and sexy WAGs. These results prove that their tastes have not disappeared even though they have hung their shoes. As for professional footballers, even famous people cannot be separated from the world of models and actresses who are shown as life partners.

This world can be regarded as a place for the arrogance of the players to show off in public. And it’s even hotter when they feel proud of a younger partner, or it can be called a young leaf.

Can be taken as an example with the romance of Liverpool legends, Ian Rush and Carol Anthony. It is known for sure that currently, Rush has sex with a stage singer, Carol Anthony, who is known to be 22 years younger.

Both of these phenomenal couples claimed to have formed a romance since 2013. In a short statement, they claimed that they did not question the age difference and enjoyed all the processes.

“I don’t see our age difference. I did have a problem once or twice. But after that no longer. I tried to stop the aging process. Ian himself looks better than before, “said Anthony.

The public knows Rush as the most successful legend with Liverpool, where he successfully won five English League trophies, three FA Cups, five League Cups and two European Cups. Playing since 1980, Rush had played with Juventus before finally returning to Liverpool in the 1986 season.

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